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Phyllom's biopesticides products may be applied when bees and other beneficials are active.

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Targeted Pests and Products:

Phyllom BioProducts’ patented strain of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is the first bio insecticide that effectively controls susceptible beetles, weevils, borers and grubs upon ingestion. It is the first BT insecticide powerful enough to control both adult and larva stages of susceptible pests.  And unlike the chemical products, Phyllom’s line of products do not pose a risk to non-target beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and other pollinators that exist with chemical products.  Therefore, you can now achieve control rates that you expect from the chemical insecticides without doing harm to the rest of the environment.

Our active ingredient (Bacillus thuringiensis), a naturally occurring soil-dwelling bacterium, is compliant with the USDA National Organic Program for use in organic crop production. And Phyllom’s manufactured products were winners of the 2015 Green Thumb Awards presented by the Direct Gardening Association for outstanding new garden products.

Target the Pest, Not the Rest!

  Goldspotted Oak Borer

Frequently Asked Questions:

OK, so what is the difference between your 2 products? We have had an invasion this year of beetles with some grub damage and want to try to get it under control.

grubGONE! is a granular product for turf grub control - it performs well vs. all scarab grubs, annual bluegrass weevil, and there is testimonies that is working against Chinch bug, including from a field trial researcher. The user spreads the product at 2 to 3 LBS/1000 sf and irrigates it in to the turf.

beetleGONE! is a wettable dispersible powder (WDP) that you mix in water at a rate of 2 to 4 ounces (0.125 to 0.25 lbs) per Gallon to spray foliage. It works well against adult beetles, including the japanese beetle. Spray multiple times (2 to 3 x) at 1 week intervals. Mixing in a sticker is recommended to aid in rain fastness if rain is expected within a few days of application.

I can’t read your labels and want to know what is in your product – milky spore and nematodes or something else??

Thank You for your inquiry!

Our non-chemical, biological (microbial) products are based on Bacillus thuringiensis - and perform at a very high level. In most cases, the performance is at the level of acelypryn (ie grubEX), the neonics (ie Bayer Advanced) and Dylox. In some cases, such as late season grub control, our products out perform the chemicals.

Also, our products have a much broader spectrum of activity than B. popilliae (Milky Spore) in that Milky Spore only controls JB whereas our products control all scarab white grubs; such as Asiatic Garden Beetles, Oriental Beetle, Masked Chafers and more!

Unlike nematodes, our products control adult beetles and have a much wider application window for successful control; the entire beetle & grub season, spring through fall.

Last year we did not have a bad problem with beetles so I did not treat my yard for grubs this spring. Now my plants are infested with beetles. Is it too late to control them?

No, it is definitely not to late to do something. In fact, beetleGONE! and grubGONE! can be used in conjunction to control beetles and grubs now while lowering the impact they will have next spring. beetleGONE! is specifically designed to use when you first notice beetles feeding on your plants.

Then in late summer grubGONE! G is a great product to use as a rescue treatment for the grubs hiding under your turf doing damage. Of course, you’ll want to apply grubGONE! again next spring to stay ahead of the problem.

Heather Garvin from the Hart Seed Company talks about how grubGONE! can save Connecticut’s playgrounds.

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Co-Founders of Green Earth AG & Turf recommend Phyllom’s products grubGONE! G and beetleGONE! tlc for controlling grubs and beetles.

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GrubGONE! and beetleGONE! is for everybody! It’s a huge advantage to have a product like this because it’s a game changer in the industry with how effective and safe it is. To the point that states are changing laws for this product. It is targeted where you want it to be; it goes only after the bad guys, targets just those beetles or grubs you want to get rid of.
- Joe & Emily,
Founders of Green Earth Ag & Turf