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News & Milestones

  1. In 2005 and 2006, patents were issued to cover Bt strains, Bt protein’s composition of matter, genes expressing proteins, and use of proteins as a bio-insecticides.

  2. Additional patents were filed to broaden and strengthen IP.

  3. Commercial Water dispersible granule, spreadable granule and a combo Bt + fertilizer granule products were developed, each for unique markets.

  4. Field testing confirmed efficacy of Phyllom’s Bt beginning in 2005 and continues as product improvements are made.

  5. Corporate partnership agreements were signed with large crop science cos. and field efficacy has been confirmed.

  6. Phyllom, in collaboration with USDA Forest Service and APHIS enterprise technology transfer teams developed boreGONE! for EAB and GSOB control.

  7. Manufacturing was scaled to commercial size fermenters.

  8. First product sales in 2011 to Corporate partner and APHIS.

  9. EPA Sec. 3 registrations for Manufacturing Use (active ingredient) and End Use products were submitted in 2011.

  10. Additional end use formula registrations were submitted in 2012.

  11. Research collaborators at UC Davis, Michigan State University, Purdue University and University of Wisconsin received federal grants to begin studies on new market opportunities in Agriculture and Forestry. For fee collaborations are underway with other land grant researchers.

  12. Congressional Representatives from EAB infested states expressed interest to assist Phyllom at the request of their forest product constituents.

  13. The Canadian market represents an outstanding opportunity for Phyllom’s products. In April, 2013, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in collaboration with the Provinces under the auspices of their provincial minor use pest management program decided to support Phyllom’s registration for turf and alfalfa insect pests. Phyllom was in competition with a number of other registrants for this support. Press Release: Agriculture Agri-Food Canada supports Phyllom Bioproducts.

  14. In May 2013, EPA BPPD approves boreGONE! Experimental Use Permit (EUP) for application against APHIS Quarantine Pest, Emerald Ash Borer !!!

  15. In June and July 2013, Phyllom's products, grubGONE! and beetleGONE! are approved by the EPA! The beetleGONE! product meets all criteria for use on organic crops within the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

  16. Continue to file multiple layers of IP: recently filing another PCT patent for control of Darkling Beetle.

  17. Secured registered trademarks for PHYLLOM, GRUBGONE and BOREGONE.

  18. Large aerial spray boreGONE! trial being conducted at Starved Rock State Park, Illinois for control of Emerald Ash Borer in June 2014.

  19. In July 2014, Phyllom BioProducts has launched commercial sales of grubGONE! G, beetleGONE! tlc and beetleGONE! ag.

  20. August 21, 2014 Phyllom BioProducts and Vestaron  Announce Collaborative Effort.

  21. Two of Phyllom's products, grubHALT! and beetleJUS!, are awarded The Green Thumb Award. Winners of the 2015 Awards were chosen by an independent panel of garden writers and editors, all members of the Direct Gardening Association (DGA). The Green Thumb Awards recognize outstanding new garden products available by mail or online. grubHALT! and beetleJUS! are Phyllom BioProducts brands for the consumer channel, marketed by partner Gardens Alive!, Inc.

  22. On March 10, 2015, John Salmonson joins Phyllom BioProducts' Board of Directors. John brings a wealth of experience and successes in the Plant Protection Industry to the Phyllom Team.

  23. Ohio Turf News Magazine, pp.10-13: “Phyllom's grubGONE! G turf product stands up to the chemical competition and dramatically better than the other biologicals for controlling white grubs in turf."

  24. The Big Picture: Grub Control, Neonics & Bees, Connecticut Ag Experiment Station. Phyllom’s grubGONE! & beetleGONE! products are the best combination of safety & performance.

  25. As reported in Farm Chemical International, Biocontrols M&A Boom Begins to Bear Fruit. "The $2-billion biopesticides market is outperforming nearly every other segment in ag with an estimated compounded annual growth rate of 17%...."

  26. As described on pp.10-12, in the article "New (and Newer) Options for Insect Control on Sports Fields," Phyllom's turf grub product, grubGONE! G, is recommended for commercial level control of annual bluegrass weevil and billbug larvae, and turf grubs.

  27. Mr. Kurt Schwartau (Head of Sales & Marketing) and Dr. Dave Matthews (Head of Technology) of Phyllom BioProducts attend 2015 Entomological Society Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On 11-17-15, Kurt Schwartau presents: “Target the Pest, Not the Rest: Novel Bt galleriae with Cry8Da protein (grubGONE!®, beetleGONE!® & boreGONE!®) provides selective control of Popillia japonica, Agrilus planipennis, Hypera brunipennis and others while preserving beneficial insects.”

  28. San Diego, CA - Phyllom attends Golf Industry Trade Show, February 6 - 11, 2016.  grubGone! G turf product is featured in the New Product Showcase for 2016.

  29. March 21, 2016 - Phyllom BioProducts and Plant Products team up to reclaim Canada Lawns and Sports Fields from Grubs and Beetles. The two companies are teaming up to launch grubGONE!® and beetleGONE!® in Canada. The products are being submitted for Canadian registration in 2016, with an anticipated product launch in 2017. Press Release

  30. May 20, 2016 - Dr. David Shetlar, “The Bug Doc” and Phyllom collaborator, receives the prestigious Environmental Communicator Award. Press Release Dave is a professor of urban landscape entomology at The Ohio State University, and the recent recipient of the 2016 TOCA Environmental Communicator of the Year Award.

  31. May 25, 2016 - Phyllom BioProducts submits grubGONE! and beetleGONE! bio insect controls to Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency for Review. Press Release

  32. "Dr. Daniel Gilrein, an entomologist at the Cornell Long Island Research Station, has spearheaded the effort to newly list grubGONE! and beetleGONE! as alternatives to imidacloprid-based products on Long Island, NY. These recommendations – see Recommendations: grubGONE! G Turf Grub Product and beetleGONE! tlc Tree & Landscape Product – were made after extensive research conducted by Dr. Gilrein and his colleagues. Since Long Island is home to 3 Million residents, 70 golf courses and thousands of acres of parks and a few high value fruit & vegetable farms - this is a significant event for landscape care and Phyllom's business"

  33. July 5, 2016 - Bio-Economy and Tech Leaders join Phyllom BioProducts’ Business Advisory Board. Phyllom BioProducts Corp., the horticulture industry’s innovation leader in microbial insect control, announced appointments of Murray McLaughlin Ph.D. and Lance Cottrell M.S. to its Business Advisory Board. Press Release

  34. July 20, 2016 - An international panel made up of industry experts nominate two of Phyllom’s products as finalists for the 2016 Agrow Awards in the Best New Biopesticide category.  Press Release

  35. July 22, 2016 - Phyllom BioProducts Loads the Bases for Growth; Adds Desmond Jimenez, Ph.D., Rick Brandenburg, Ph.D. and Joshua Hofheimer, JD to the Phyllom team.  Press Release

  36. August 25, 2016 - New market milestones achieved as Phyllom prepares to launch its products in California. Dr. Andrew Sutherland organized the SF Bay Area Urban IPM Program Workshop with the City of San Jose’s Environmental Services Department which was held at San Jose’s Fowler Park. Read more

  37. August 29, 2016 - Phyllom has secured its registration from the State of California for marketing and sale of its grubGONE! product. Press Release

  38. September 14, 2016 - Phyllom BioProducts Corp, the industry’s innovation leader in microbial insect control and Vestaron, Corp. the industry’s innovation leader in bio insecticides derived from venom peptides announced they will extend their research collaboration first announced in August of 2014.  Press Release

  39. October 2, 2016 - Farm Chemical International Editor, Jackie Pucci provides insightful article “Biologicals M&A Boom Begins To Bear Fruit”  on  Read more

  40. October 12, 2016 - Phyllom BioProducts Corp. announces the appointments of Murray McLaughlin Ph.D., a distinguished leader in the chemical industry’s effort to convert to a sustainable bio-economy through disruptive innovation, and George Murphy, recognized for his eminent career in early-stage life science venturing and technology licensing, to its Board of Directors.  Press Release

  41. September 1, 2017 - Ag Industry Expert Dr. John McIntyre Joins Phyllom BioProducts’ Business Advisory Board, while  Biotechnology Expert Dr. Walter Funk Takes On An Expanded Role with PBC. Press Release

  42. January 2, 2018 - Phyllom's beetleGONE!®tlc and beetleGONE!®ag receive California DPR State Registration approval. Now landscapers and homeowners have a safe, high-performing, non-chemical insecticide to control Japanese Beetles, Masked Chafers, and Turf Grubs in landscapes, while farmers have another tool to control devastating crops pests such as alfalfa weevil, rice water weevil and flea beetles in the field and in greenhouses, while also preserving beneficial insects and pollinators. Press Release

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